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Fake or not that's still a nice rack. *drools*


Yes - I agree.... Lindsey can have her fake rack anyday and I wouldn't turn her down.


you guys should take a closer look...those boobies are as natural as the day is long. the photoshop phreaks have been busy with that pic seen above.


I have to agree with jazzmaster... that picture is definately photoshopped - but her boobs are, indeed very fake. I've seen before and afters...ones that haven't been so obviously tampered with - fake! but, really - If I could afford boobs like that, I'd do it too! I don't blame the lovely Ms. Lohan one bit! she looks awesome!


wow them be some huuuuge knocka's, you think that she would get them the same size though eh?


damn that girl is trashy. id still hit it tho.


She's not trashy. She's a total babe, and she's boobalicious to boot. Good for her.


On a scale from one to ten, Lindsay is a fifteen...fake boobs or not.


WELL. im a girl. and ye i can c the appeal for guys, but she wely shudnt need to do that, she is onli 16 she has got plenty of time to make those mistakes in the future. the dress is nice the face is pretty the boobs are just ugly!


believe it or not.This is lindsay. i really cudnt care less that u all think my boobs are fake, i even might be kinda flattered but still, its really hard to please some people. So have just stopped tryin! This is me, and the way i wana luk and dress so get over it and move on to some other poor celeb.






hello. im too nice to be mean. and i dont tend to talk alot anyway. so ill just say its a nice dress. and think about horses

think about it

i cant believe you guys.. you act like you've never heard of a push up bra. you can bend your boobs every which way with the right kind of supplies. whether they're fake or not, she definitely looks different than her nemesis, hillary duff.


omfg she is beautiful and i love her

dr. quelab

i agree with this post they are fake...i'm a plastic surgeon...i live in california. and many have come to me for platic surgery...also my good friend told me that he did her boobs[ no names] also i can tell that her boobs are fake because they are way to perky and she's not even wearing a bra...i'm stupid for puting this here. but i would like to say this because people think she's miss inocent...she NOT!

Meep ^^

Ewww...that's nasty, what was she thinking? I would NEVER do anything like that to myself, I like me for me.

Some guy

photoshopped but its sexy... but i would like it better if it was nude!


That's photoshopped! Totally!

extremely trashy and those blimps are disgusting:P jesus shes a nobody and shes going down real fast with that attitude:p

just how many american college guys are stating an opinion here??i fail to see how anyone could find this remotely atractive unless under the influnce of last nights keg party (or this mornings) :P


If she wants to have new boobs, good for her... I'm sixteen and my boobs are as rel as hers (... fakes...) and I couldn't be happier.



she's hott!!!!!!!!!!
If I could, I'd bang 'er!


I'm so tired of people saying that her boobs are fake just because they developed quickly. First of all the photo above is cleary photoshopped. And, speaking from experience people, it is entirely possible to go from a B cup, to an F in six month, believe me. Some girls just develop late, and when they do it they can catch up real quick! So stop ratting on the poor girl just because you dont understand the phenomenon of physical development.

L.A Guy

Damm! She is so fuck!ng hot i wish i could bang her!

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