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Glad to see you're gettuing upset at something a little deeper then paris hilton losing her dog or whatever.. It's sad to say but really to most music critics, any punk or rebellious band that becomes popular and infiltrates the mainstream moves from the "too loud and noisy" pile of cds to the "hip and acceptable even if i won't really listen to it more then to just get the basic gist of what i think it means" pile..
These people never really have a clue and often just take somebody elses idea and reword it a bit and print it.
They're chameleons without tastebuds and really shouldn't be payed attention to.. no matter how infuriating some of the shit they talk may make us


Pssst. Kalefa Sanneh is a man.


Damn, that was dumb. My bad.


pff, Cristina Aguilera is a good example...badly. First of all, that's not what hip hop started (the moderation of women). It's all the commercial crap that influences women on their image.

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